Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Garden Fresh Day

I love it when I walk out to the garden early in the morning and I get inspired to create something new in the kitchen. Today was one of those days. My heirloom beans (2 kinds shown) were going crazy and I really wanted to know what the tiger stripe ones were going to taste like. I intended to let those grow and dry on the stalk for dry soup beans but I tasted one of them fresh and thought they were great so I added a few for color.

Lemon Basil gives a wonderful extra flavor to the beans so try to find some or better yet, grow your own. Herbs are quite easy to grow and can usually take heat and low water conditions of the late summer. Enjoy!

Lemon Basil Green Beans

1 pound clean and trimmed fresh green beans
1 T olive oil
½ lemon – juice
Pinch lemon zest
2 T fresh Lemon Basil – minced- or any fresh basil you can get
Pinch sea salt
Pepper to taste

Boil beans for 5-10 minutes until fork tender. Different variety of green beans cook faster than others. When beans are cooked drain off water and place in a medium sized bowl. Add rest of the ingredients and toss well. Serve warm.

Another cooking option is mix everything together with the raw beans and throw on the grill. That’s what I did.

If you want a cold dish or salad, add about ¼ cup cider vinegar and more lemon juice then refrigerate until chilled tossing a few times before serving.

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