Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool Avocado Blueberry Dip

Blueberries should be falling off your bushes now--right? I took a walk out in the woods behind my house the other day ( OK I was looking for my dog which had managed to run off while I was staring at my pumpkin plant) and there were still so many blueberries on the bushes! I was thrilled that we could have another go with more blueberry recipes from the fresh wild fruits. Of course my excitement wore off when I was walking back to my house and was stung by a bee--but my dog had arrived back home before me so it was a mix of emotions--mostly burning pain.

This recipe brings blueberries outside of the box and into a new light. My kids really enjoyed the dip with the fruit--my pickiest eater even loved it. Blending things like yogurt which has fantastic properties for balancing digestion, blueberries which are flooded with antioxidants, and avocado which is such a good source of heart disease prevention was a delicious reward.

Cool Blueberry Avocado Dip

8-ounces low fat plain yogurt
1 rip Avocado peeled and cored
1 cup ripe blueberries rinsed
1tsp Lemon Zest
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Dash of Cinnamon
Dash of Salt
Stevia to taste

Add the fruit, yogurt & vanilla to your blender and blend until the blueberries are fully mixed in. Add the salt, cinnamon and stevia tasting to assure it pleases your own taste buds--as some people enjoy it sweeter than others. Serve with fruit immediately or keep covered and refrigerated.

Other good ideas:

-use this as a topping for granola
-use this as a dressing for fruit salad
- a wonderful addition to a salmon dish

This recipe is adapted from Squeaky Gourmet www.squeakygourmet.com by Maureen Jeanson and Jamie C. Wilson

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  1. This is fab, I happen to have all the ingredients so I'll make it very, very soon! :)