Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Apple a Day

Apples are yummy this time of year. You can find fresh apples in every store as well as the opportunity to go pick apples right from the tree around NH right now. How many recipes can you think of for apples? How many are healthy? Ok probably a lot, right? Well, this one is so easy and so versatile! I like to make mine over a bonfire or campfire but you can make them right in the oven as well. All you need is fresh apples, some honey and some raw sugar--oh and a source of heat!

First you want to wash the apples and make sure they are free from inhabitants--of course the marketplace should have already done that for you but if you picked your own you may want to double check. After washing them you can place them onto your roasting stick--look for a good thick stick because apples do outweigh marshmallows. You want to keep it out of the actual fire so you are not just creating apple coals, roll the apple slowly in the heat of the flames.

Once you see the skin begin to crack and the apple juice bubbling out you know the apple is ready!

Roasted Apples
Serves 2
1 tbls raw honey
1 tsp raw sugar
2 pinches Apple Pie Spice

In a small bowl add honey and sugar along with apple pie spice, or cinnamon and nutmeg, or even pumpkin pie spice--whatever spices you like--heck add in a small pinch of cayenne pepper spice for something totally delicious and different.

Place your very hot apple onto a plate (use caution, please note I said VERY HOT) and then spoon the spiced honey mixture onto the top center of the apple and allow it to melt with the heat of the fruit until it coats almost the entire apple.
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You can bake the apples in an over, without the seasoning , at about 350 degrees. Once the apples are done the skin will begin to wrinkle ad pop and juice will bubble out, remove from the over. Then apple the topping as directed above.

There are really tasty and warming to the soul as well as the belly!


  1. We love this post! We are waiting for a big Pacific storm so it's a little chilly and overcast? We could do this at the beach with a mini fire? good idea. best from Santa Barbara, CA

  2. This would be great on a mini fire! just watch the wind and sand LOL

  3. oh wow this looks awesome and you even made a fire! love your blog i need to read it more lol

  4. thanks! Yes the fire inspired the blog entry actually. Otherwise that would have been a lot of work for just the pictures. :-) These apples are really wonderful!

  5. mmm I never had roasted apples before, I need to try this one out, this does look really good

  6. I've never had these roasted over an open fire - sounds like fun!